Coffee Sensory & Cup Tasting

Coffee Sensory & Cup Tasting


  • Barista, Barman Bartender Figure
  • Arabica & Canephora
  • Grinding for Filter Coffee
  • Coffee Tasting
  • Drink with Coffee

The Coffee Sensory & Cup Tasting and Brewing Courses, is an advanced course of Cafeteria, aimed at the full knowledge of the blend and the different methods of extraction of the Coffee.
Bartender Certified, with the World Champion Czeve / Ibrik Davide Berti, will therefore be able to certify this course with the SCA modules in the Coffee Diploma System, in the Brewing and Sensory Skill sector.

The extraction technique will be the first major topic in Brewing with the creation of alternative coffee methods using Aeropress, Chemex, V60, Siphon, Clever, Cold Brew and finally French Press.
The use of mono-origin blends thanks to our partners Le Piantagioni del Caffè, will make sure to create an excursion from the Espresso supply chain to the blind tasting with aromatic coffee awards.

The special feature will also be the use of very high quality 100% Arabica monorigines and official instruments as per Contest SCA.
In addition, in the Coffee Tasting, different methods will be used in order to be able to perceive the aromas and recognize the faults of the coffee.
The course will be developed in 16 hours of Full Immersion mode training in order to allow anyone to participate and get the most out of this intensive course concerning the Advanced Cafeteria.

At the end of the course it will be possible to take a specific exam composed in different tests at the end of which the Brewers’ Certificate will be obtained.
You can continue with our ASTs: Chiara Bergonzi and Davide Berti, with the SCA Certifications for the various Brewing and Sensory Skill modules.



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