The Original American School

Original American School

Bartender Certified is a school for Baristas and Barman dedicated to those who want to become a true Professional in the Beverage Industry with cutting-edge training systems.
Through the technical laboratories, training takes place in the Bar-Cafeteria and Cocktail-Bar area, with closed-number classes (maximum 8 people) and with the American Original System offered by F.B.A. (Flair Bartender Association) which includes 120-hour modular routes divided into 3 levels and official American Spill Stop equipment.

Job Placement

Also according to the training standards, we are in collaboration with employment agencies: Human and Randstad and search engines or Social Networks among which the most important in the Hostart area, dedicated to our sector where 89% of Our students found work in the best clubs in the Emirates and abroad.
All students who study with Bartender Certified, at the end of the courses, are able to manage independently in any place they are, being at the top in any context and for all the activities that they are called to perform.
To all our students we offer the possibility to select the modules to which they are really interested.
In fact, training in the Bartending area includes the following courses: American Bartending Basic, Advanced, Professional, Flair, Mixology and Fruit Carving, in the Cafeteria area: Basic Barista, Latte Art, Grinding & Brewing and Coffee & Good Spirits and finally in Management field: Bar Manager and Marketing.

International Academy

Our school has been selected among the schools BACARDI / MARTINI and makes use of the cooperation of the best and most important brands on the reference market, so that the participants have the possibility to use the best equipment in the bartending sector and the cafeteria for training recognized and certified internationally.

Become a Bartender!

Who wants to become a true bartender good and performing in any situation can not rely on impromptu preparation, but has the need to take targeted and precise teaching, performed with specific equipment that can be useful in various exercises and especially original. Not to forget, then, are the events of mixology and all the other opportunities granted: for example, to know and internalize the art of fruit carving, so as to devote time and attention to the aesthetic result of the drinks and cocktails that are get ready. Bartender Certified is a unique opportunity for all those who want to face the labor market with the utmost passion and style, in a bar or a hotel of excellence.

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