Mixology course is a special opportunity dedicated to those who wish to undertake the bartender trade, knowing all its peculiarities and qualities.

To attend it you must have already taken part in the basic course, or in any case have passed the basic course test: for this, you can also take part who already works in this area and has attended courses in other structures.

Corso Homemade Mixology - Bartender Certified

The program of the mixology course is a course in which are explained and practiced techniques for the preparation of Home Made products used for the creation of classic or proper drinks, with techniques ranging from the oldest to the most modern with a historical journey that goes from Jerry Tomas to Ferran Andrià.

The course is very interesting and is divided into three parts: the first is specifically dedicated to molecular mixology, the second to Advanced Calling Order techniques, while the third concerns tasting.

About the latter, teachings are provided on the tasting of rum, agricultural and traditional ron, but also the tasting of vodka (with a review of the most famous and most requested products in the beverage industry) and gin (also in this case, taking into consideration the most appreciated brands).

Corso Mixology Academy - Bartender Certified

Interesting, then, is the tasting of tequila and mezcal 100% agave. As for molecular mixology, however, we start from the creation of aromatic bases, including infusions and aromatic waters: here, therefore, infused water and alcohol infusions, but also homemade syrups, bitters and liqueurs.

After that, the theme of arias is also dealt with, with the use of foams, lecithin and nitrogen. The importance of basic spherification is not neglected, with the use of calcium chloride and sodium alginate; and the same goes for the creation of tiky cocktails, batidas, frozen, hot drinks, smoothies, coladas and caplets that will enter the concept of calling order.

In short, a 360-degree overview that includes the creation of jellies, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic, with the use of agar and isinglass to the reductions, distillations and smokes etc …

The real highlight of the molecular mixology course, on the other, should be identified in the participation of Davide De Leo and winner of the World Class Diageo in Barcelona and a reference point in the world in this area, which makes available to students all their experience and all their skills, transmitting precise and precise knowledge.

Once the lessons have been completed, the course includes the execution of an exam, which if passed with a score of no less than 70 out of 100, allows to obtain the relative certificate.

corso Sensory Spirits - Bartender Certified

At that point, the bartenders so trained can jump into the world of work relying on all the know-how they need to succeed in any place they are hired and employed.

The Bartender course is aimed at all those who intend to devote themselves to the craft of the Cocktail Shop. The program of the course is very articulate and is characterized by the presence of multiple topics that touch every theme related to this type of job.