Latte Art Course / Specialist, called Coffee Art by many is the advanced course of Cafeteria, alongside the World Champion: Chiara Bergonzi, as well as International Judge of the SCA Championships.

It is in fact a Specialization in all the techniques of Latte Art and needs to be able to fit into this course, to have the complete skills on the Milk Set and the extraction of the INEI certified Espresso.

Corso Latte Art - Bartender Certified

During the course they will deal only with issues related to the world of Milk Selection and create complex figures using the technique of Free Pouring: Leaf, Tulip, Vortex etc ..

All the instruments used will be SCA Championship Officials, where each participant will be able to complete the course in complete autonomy thanks to the multiple fully equipped stations.

The course will be conducted as always with a limited number, with a maximum of 8 people and divided into 16 hours of Cafeteria with the possibility of SCA certification: Introduction to Coffee and Barista Skill Foundation, Intermediate and Professional, certified thanks to our AST and valid within of the Coffee Diploma System.

corso cappuccini - Bartender Certified

Specifically, throughout the course there will be nothing but Mount Milk with the Best Italian Milk, used during the Championships: RE-CAPPUCCIO produced by the Centrale del Latte di Brescia and using single-origin blends supplied by Official Sponsors of World Of Coffee.

Speed will also be a fundamental step to become true professionals, thanks to our Calling Order and Speed Round carried out during the various advanced service phases.

At the end of the course there will be an exam with the release of the Official Certification signed by the World Champion as a Milk Art Specialist, also prepared by our Accredited Partners and Entities.

Corso Latte Art Milano - Bartender Certified

Our Training Center will also be at your complete disposal to be able to provide the classroom upon reservation for advanced training and customized training alongside our Trainers as well as Champions specialized in these techniques.

The Agencies are also available for the opening and Start Up of new premises, or for calls in large franchising chains.