The flair bartender course is a second level course for all those who are interested in doing the bartender trade.

It can be done by those who have already taken part in the basic course obtaining the certificate, as well as those who already work in the sector and has passed specific courses in other structures: in this second case, it is sufficient to pass the basic course test to obtain the possibility of attending this course.

Corso Craft Flair - Bartender Certified

The program of the course is very articulate, and foresees a great quantity of topics that touch every field of this sector. It starts, for example, by examining the diversification of types of nightclubs, and then analyzing the figure of the bartender flair.

Then, take a look at the organization of the ergonomic work station and the set up of the bar counter, and then get in touch with the World Flair Association: what it is, what it deals with and what are its objectives.

Later, the course proposes the working flair movements of the Yellow or Orange Gradings WFA, followed by the working and exhibition flair movements.

cocktails, calling order - Bartender Certified

From theoretical knowledge to practical skills, here are the advanced free pouring techniques, which include 3/4 bottles, black russian style, flower, reverse, margarita and so on. As mentioned, the flair bartending course offers a wide variety of themes: among these, there are also the techniques of preparing drinks according to the speed round (under the banner of effectiveness and speed) and the creation of IBA drinks and cocktails more widespread, better known and more in demand in the speed beverage sector.

Among other points in the program, there are also consumption management and cost control of nightclubs.

A noteworthy feature is to be found in the performances of Christopher Grassini, a true master of these disciplines, which also explains how the bartending flair competitions are held.

The second level flair bartender course ends with an exam: in order to overcome it you need to get a minimum score of 70 out of 100, and only in this way you are entitled to receive the certificate and possibly the working kit that accompanies it of promotions in force.

Barlady Alessia Medio - Bartender Certified

It is worth mentioning, then, that the lessons involve the use of original Italian and American equipment, for an educational kit available to every complete and technically impeccable student. Here, then, that the course offers great personal and professional opportunities to those who attend it, significantly enriching its wealth of knowledge and skills.