The Coffee Sensory and Cup Tasting Course, in partneship with the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA), is the highest step of the professional Barista educational path.

To successfully attend the course, you must already be able to work with fluency as a Barista, and to totally master all the techniques and methods of coffee extraction and milk frother.

Corso Sensory & Cup Tasting - Bartender Certified

The Coffee Sensory and Cup Tasting Course is designed for those who aim to increase their knowledge of the coffee industry, and would like to learn how to objectively analyse coffee and its various flavours in a gustatory and sensory evaluation.

During the training, you’ll analyse all the facets and flavours of the coffee, considering different typologies of Arabica and Canephora single origins, moving forward with the Espresso extraction and all the most important alternative methods such as Brazilian, V60, Chemex, Syphon, Aeropress and so on.

Corso Brewing - Bartender Certified

You’ll have a full knowledge to handle and process the primary product and the final product in your cup.

Each student will also receive different test tubes, containing some scents which will be useful to train the sense of smell and taste, to improve your ability to differentiate between the various levels of coffee acidity.

The choice of the water is very important too, in the coffee extraction process.

That’s why during the training, all the participants will learn how to study the chemical and organoleptic properties of the water, on a theoretical and practical level.

They’ll experience how these qualities affect the final result in the cup.

Corso Cup Tasting - Bartender Certified

Each participant will have the possibility to practice with all the original tools and equipments of the Specialty Coffee Association Championship, which they can decide to join in the future.

At the end of the training course, every Barista will definitely have the ability to objectively recognise the roasting level of the coffee, the different single origines, and to fully understand the bitterness, the acidity and the body, using all the extraction methods available in the market.