The Coffee Brewing Course, in partnership with the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) is one of the most important steps if you aim to take your barista skills at the top level.

By attending this course, you’ll be able to boost your career and to apply for job opportunities in the best Coffee Shop in your area or around the world.

Corso Brewing Coffee - Bartender Certified

The most famous Coffee Shops do indeed offer to their clients a various choice of high quality filter coffees and the possibility to taste them with different types of extraction.

Every guest has the chance to live a real coffee experience, an authentique unique journey in the coffee world and its flavours.

The Coffee Brewing Course is an 8-hours sensory and practical training, during which you’re going to learn how to analyse water and all its chemical and organoleptic features, and how they affect the flavours of the final product in your cup.

Corso Brewing SCA - Bartender Certified

As a student, you’ll understand how to professionally recognise the grinding grade of the product and how to manually manage with all the different methods of extraction of the filter coffee.

The Coffee Brewing Course is intended for those who already have attended at least one official training course, and have a full know-how about the coffee supply chain, in order to be able to deeply analyse all the coffee single origines and to learn how to extract the final product through the most important methods of infusion such as V60, Chemex, Aeropress, French Press and Syphon.

The training will be also focused on a deteailed theoretical part, concerning every area of the coffee industry, in order to enhance your Barista skills at the highest level.

Corso Brewing .- Bartender Certified

You’ll also have the possibility to increase your basic knowledge in management and marketing, sales thecniques and customer service.

At the end of the course you’ll be awarded with our International Professional Barista Certificate, and you’ll be prepared to work in the best Coffee Shops alla round the world.