Coffee Barista course is aimed in particular at those who wish to work in the daytime as baristas inside the Coffe Shop and at the same time represents an excellent source of knowledge for those who already work in this sector but has never achieved certifications and has not never taken part in specific courses.

With references to both the working and the management dimensions, this course proposed by Bartender Certified also emphasizes the importance of the aspect of the coffee chain.

Corso Caffetteria Milano - Bartender Certified

It is a closed-ended course, which has a maximum number of eight students, while the minimum duration is 40 hours: in this way teachers can pay the utmost attention to each student, and at the same time adapt the program according to the needs, capabilities and peculiarities of each.

The Coffee Barista Course program covers a wide variety of topics and themes: for example, latte art and the most important figures, but also the characteristics of milk and its whipping.

After taking a look at the differences between the bartender figure, the barman and the barista, we focus on the characteristics of the seller barista and on the professional and original Italian equipment used in this sector.

The program of the course also includes the theme of the original classic and Italian cappuccino, as per the patent, and the one related to the perfect espresso with the relative organoleptic characteristics.

corso caffetteria Bristot - Bartender Certified

But it did not end here: being a Barista course that examines every aspect at 360 degrees, the teachers also pay attention to the set up of the workstation and the organization of the counter, which also includes the perfect cleaning of the bar machines.

There is also a glance at the products that concern the espresso supply chain.

At the end of the course, students are asked to take an exam, and obtain the relative certificate only obtaining a minimum score of 70 out of 100.

A further noteworthy aspect that makes us even more special, concerns the fact that at the end of the course the baristas can perform SCA (Specialty Coffee Association) certifications alongside the World Champion: Chiara Bergonzi.

Corso Caffetteria Trieste - Bartender Certified

But that’s not all: once passed the exam and obtained the certificate, the new baristas are helped – provided they demonstrate reliability and education – in entering the world of work, with particular reference to all those structures that exploit the service free to search for new employees.