The Bartender course is aimed at all those who intend to devote themselves to the craft of the Cocktail Shop. The program of the course is very articulate and is characterized by the presence of multiple topics that touch every theme related to this type of job.

After an introduction concerning the bartending world, the differences between the figure of the bartender, the figure of the barman and the figure of the barista are specified. A historical and cultural excursus follows from the Golden Age to the tiki cultures passing through the prohibition.

Corso Barman Milano - Bartender Certified

The bartending course helps to get in touch with the various trends that have characterized in the past more or less the role of bartender, from flair bartending to the return of the classics, without forgetting the molecular mixologist.

After proposing lessons on the responsibilities of bartender behaviors, the course examines the different types of premises in which one can work, each of which is also analyzed according to the specific character and technical prerogatives.

Then we continue knowing the various tools that make up the American and Italian professional equipment. Through the lessons of the course you will discover the set up of the bar counter and the organization of the cocktail station, with an analysis of the merchandise among bitters, liqueurs and spirits.

In this regard, the future bartender also learns the dynamics of the production process, starting from the raw material to get to the bottling.

cocktail - Bartender Certified

Next to the theoretical knowledge, then, practical skills are also provided: drink preparation techniques and free pouring techniques (from the bottle to the speed bottle: from the right hand, to the left, to the V-Pour, Bounce Cut and so on via) are a prime example.

In addition, we focus on cost control and consumption management, without forgetting an analysis of the establishment of the most important and well known IBA drinks in the world of Beverage with real Alcohol and Fruit.

At the end of the Bartender course, the participants are called to take a test, after which the certification is obtained (the minimum score is 70 out of 100).

The bartenders thus trained can, therefore, look for a position in the world of work, and will receive from this point of view a help from the structure, which will place them in premises looking for staff in the best hotels and public establishments internationally.

barlady - Bartender Certified

Each course lasts 40 hours, and is limited: the maximum threshold is 7 people so that the program is adapted in order to provide the best preparation for those who take part.